What is Church?

Church is a group of people, not a building.

Who are we?

Our Church is a mixed group of people made up of all ages, many nationalities and many different experiences of life. Our Sunday meetings include people who come every week, people who come occasionally, and some who only come every now and then. Almost every week we also have people with us for the first time.

What Do We Do?

Most people at our Church have normal experiences of work, family and life in general; there are real highs but also lows relating to work, money, health and relationships. One highlight in our week is meeting together on Sundays; here we pray, sing, listen to teaching from the Bible and enjoy each other’s company.

What can I expect when I visit Church

We welcome everyone here.

Someone is always at the door to help; they will be very happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have about what to expect.

Our meetings have an easy-to follow format and the person at the front makes it clear what happens next.

We are committed to explaining the Bible in a way which connects with life in the 21st century and can be understood by all.

There is tea and coffee from 10.45 – 11.10am (between the 2 morning services), and after the 6:30pm evening service.

We would love to see you on a Sunday and get to know you over time.

Come along! You are welcome regardless of background, level of interest, religious beliefs, or life circumstances.

Where are we?

We meet at Hillfields Church, 18 Lower Ford Street, Coventry. CV1 5QJ; on Sundays we meet at 9.30am, 11:30am and 6.30pm.

What do I wear?

Come as you are. There is no dress code; all are welcome!

What if my kids are noisy?

We have lots of children each week and we’re used to noise! Those leading our services are more than able to cope with some noise; many are parents themselves and know only too well what you’re feeling! Have a look at the Sundays section and you’ll see that we can cater for all ages.

I’m nervous about walking in to a strange place

Going anywhere new for the first time can be difficult. One of our top priorities is to make you feel comfortable and we fully expect our regular attenders to look out for and welcome people they haven’t seen before. You are very welcome to contact us in advance so someone can look out for you as you arrive.

How will I know when to stand/sit?

Most people sit for all of the service except when we sing. But some are happier to sit even when singing and that’s completely fine.

Do I have to sing?

No. If you don’t want to sing the easiest way to blend in is to stand up and simply look at the screen with the words! You are also free to remain sitting.

Will I be expected to pray?

No. Most praying out loud is done by the service leader.

Is there disabled access?

Yes; there is disabled and wheelchair access to the building and toilet facilities available.

Can I come only to watch?

Of course; you are welcome to sit with us or in a lounge where the service is shown on the screen. 

Will I understand the Bible?

Every week we have people who are unfamiliar with the Bible and others who don’t speak English as a first language. Therefore, those who give the Bible message make sure that what they say is understandable and connects the Bible truth to modern life.

I have a different question!

Great, please contact us and we will get back to you

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