Kids are safe here.

We welcome anyone through our doors regardless of race, gender or social background. Our doors are open to everyone and therefore we have set certain things in place to protect our family.

We follow national guidance from Christian Safeguarding Services (CSS) and do all we can to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults. This means:

  • We have a safeguarding co-ordinator who is responsible for dealing with any child protection concerns and the things we need to do to keep children safe. Laura Stevens is our Safeguarding Coordinator, and Sophie Field is the Deputy. They are contactable at
  • We have a policy that covers all aspects of safeguarding and good practice. A copy is available on request.
  • We have a safe recruitment process for leaders, workers and volunteers. This involves anyone in regular contact with children or vulnerable adults undergoing a Criminal Records Check. This is a legally approved process using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
  • Our team of workers receive child protection training and are accountable to each other and their leaders.
  • We are committed to maintaining links with our local statutory agencies, recognising they too have an important role in protecting children and vulnerable adults.

We are serious about child and adult protection, and supporting our workers and leaders in providing the best possible care.