• 18-30s events

    • For All 18-30s
    • One Saturday Each Month
    • Contact Stephen to find out more

    Each month we hold an event for students and 18-30s. In the past we have had games nights, gone for a walk in the peak district or cooked a meal together. They are a great chance to relax and spend time with each other.

  • Explore (International Students)

    Lower Ford Street

    18 Lower Ford Street
    CV1 5QJ

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    For International Students

    • Make Friends, Practice your English and Learn about Christianity
    • Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm at the Lower Ford Street Site
    • Contact Catherine Ayre to find out more

    We meet at 7pm to have some refreshments and chat together.  From 7.30, we look at the Bible together to find out more about Christianity.  Please bring your friends and your questions!

    International students are also welcome at the other student and 18-30s events.


  • Home from Home

    • Become part of a Church Family
    • Join them for Dinner or Family Activities
    • Get a break from the University Environment!
    • Contact Stephen to find out more

    Many students are far from home and their family. Home from Home gives you the chance to connect with a Church family or Couple, either by yourself or with other students. You can spend time with them over the course of the year enjoying home comforts and their loving support as you navigate your way through your years at University.

  • Student 1-1s

    • For Any Students
    • Chat about life over a coffee and the Bible
    • Any Time Any Place
    • Contact Stephen to find out more

    Many of our Students find it helpful to connect with an older Christian. Perhaps you would like to relax and chat over a coffee, or maybe you have questions about the Bible: either way 1-1s are a way to learn as you connect with an older Christian.

  • Student Bible Study

    Lower Ford Street

    18 Lower Ford Street
    CV1 5QJ

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    • Getting to grips with God’s Word
    • Every Monday during term at 5pm
    • At the Lower Ford Street site
    • Contact Sophia if you want to come along

    Our students get to study in depth the treasures of the Bible together. With the help of leaders in the Church, we ask questions about what the Bible really means and how we can apply it to our lives.

  • Student Lunches

    • Home Cooked Food
    • Every Sunday
    • After the Second Service, Transport Provided
    • Contact Sophia to find out more

    Every Sunday students get together for a cooked meal at a family home or at Church. It’s a chance to relax and get to know the Church family better. Student lunches provide afternoons of rare home comforts, with enough good food to see you in to the week ahead!

  • 18-30s & Students Weekend Away

    • For all 18-30s.
    • Relax, walk, talk and hear from the Bible
    • 25th-28th June 2021
    • Contact Sophia to find out more

    Our 18-30s group is made up of students, young workers and parents. Previously we went to some spacious, lake side accommodation in Lancashire. It’s a perfect chance to get to know those of a similar age better.

  • Lifts for Warwick University Students

    Tesco petrol station, near campus

    A lift is available from Tesco petrol station, near Warwick uni campus, for the 11:30 service.

    Due to Covid please book a place at the service and contact Janet on 07707352958, for a lift.